Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Bend in the Road

I started the book on the Monday the 31st of May.  I finished it on Sunday the 6th of June.  The book was sent to me by Tristan, and I loved it!  It was about Miles a sherriff who was mourning the loss of his wife(Missy) while still taking care of his son(Jonah).  His wife was killed by a hit and run, and still 2 years after the incident he has a hard time with not knowing who hit his wife.  The story talks about how he falls in love again with Sarah, who was Jonah's teacher.  He realizes that he is ready to move on, but still has a hard time for the mere fact that he needs closure.  He evertually gets the closure that he needs, but not in the place that he had been looking for it.  When he meets his new girlfriend's family he has no idea what is about to happen.  Come to find out his new girlfriend's brother was the one driving the car the night that his wife was ran down.  The entire time that he had been dealing with her death, he had imagined it to have been intentional.  Only to find out that it was an accident by a tired teenage boy.  A dog had ran out infront of his wife causing her to move into the way of the car.  Miles ends up reaching deep down to deal with the information that he has learned.  Sarah had naturally thought that they were finished for the mere fact that the driver had been her brother.  Miles ends up letting the boy go, and live his life.  He forgives, but never forgets what happened.  Miles also gives Sarah another chance, because he did love her.
I really liked the book, it took me awhile to figure out where it was going, but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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