Tuesday, February 5, 2013

50 shades of Grey

Well, I gave into the craze.  I finally read the trilogy everyone is so "sexually aroused" by.  It makes me laugh, because when I read the book I was expecting this horrible man, making a helpless virgin do naughty things.  This would only be part of the book.
Let me start by saying that this book was a generally good story. Though meeting a rich business owner who wants to make you his sub, and sign a contract doesn't happen everyday (at least in my world) I still found it relatively realistic.  The plot you ask?  A young girl who is about to graduate college last minute fills in for her friend to conduct an interview.  Long story short Anastasia Steele meets Christian Grey.  A few stalked days later, and he is wooing her with expensive books, and flattering gifts.  
It turns out that Christian was very impressed with the young Ana, and pursues her even though "he isn't good for her." after lots of confusing internal dialogue with herself Ana makes sure that he knows she is also interested, though she doesn't appreciate him trying to buy her affection.  This ends up being an ongoing fight between the two, so take note.
Christian finally explains to Ana that he has needs that require not only for her to sign a non disclosure agreement, but also a contract.  Turns out that Christian is really into dirty sex, and likes to maintain the dominant, and subordinate relationship.  They are rules to follow, and actions to be taken.  I did find this part interesting, because some of the rules make absolutely no sense and it annoyed me. Regardless, moving on.
Once he shows her the "red room of pain" and let's her in on his secret she explains that some rules will never be followed, and she had to think about it.  Oh, and she is also a virgin. Shocker...
Christian then agrees to just make love to her, and then they could figure the rest out later. 
Long story short he starts breaking all kinds of his own rules because he starts to fall in love with her. There is also a lot of fighting that references the "don't buy me expensive stuff" and also the fact that he is way to controlling.  This also leads us into the second book "50 Shades Darker".  The books all kind a run together, so I may be a little off on what happens during which one.  I do need to mention a few important points in the books
* Christian was badly abused by his crack whore mothers pimp when he was little.  He also got left alone for days with his dead mother even though the pimp knew she was dead.  Poor little boy Christian just thought she was cold, and kept trying to warm her up.  Pretty sad.
* because of the child environment he was pretty hard on himself growing up with his adoptive family.  So naturally one of his adopted Mommy's friends took him under her wings when he was 15 and taught him to be her sub.  Pretty fucked up, and Anastasia has a hard time with this as well.  She calls her mrs. Robinson.
* Christian picked a certain type to be his subs because they reminded him of his mother.
*an ex sub goes crazy and trieds to hurt Ana and herself.  Christian has to get all "do as a I say" and Ana hates it and I think this is when she breaks up with him?  I can't remember.
*after breaking up with him she misses him like crazy, and they end up back together because he had gotten her a new car, but she no longer wanted it and needed a ride somewhere. Sparks fly, they never break up again.
*Mrs. Robinson gets pretty ticked about how the break up affected Christian and goes all Momma bear on Ana.  Ana pretty much calls her a cradle robber and shakes it off.
*Ana gets a job at a publishing company, and in order to keep an eye on her Christian buys the entire company. Yes, very controlling.
*the job is perfect except that the boss is a creep.  Ana ends up having to attack him for trying to get in her pants, and then Christian has him fired immediately.
*ex boss holds a grudge and eventually comes after them.  He manipulates Christians helicopter, and in book 3 gets to work even more.
*they have sex a lot more times, and fight some more.  They have sex way more than any normal couple has the time for. Guess that is what happens when you are loaded and have free time. haha
*They work through all the issues and end up having two kids.
Happily ever after.

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