Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A soft place to land

A soft place to land was a really good book.  It took me some time to get into it, but once I did I was glad.  The story is about two sisters who lose their parents in a plane crash. Ruthie lost her mother and her father, but her older sister Julia, lost her mother and step father.  After the funeral, arrangements were made for the sisters to be separated.  Ruthie was to go to San Francisco to live with her Aunt and uncle and her sister was to go live with her dad and stepmother.

 The book goes thought the trials and tribulations that happen when sisters grow up in completely different environments, and how that affects their relationship.  They went from being very close, and told each other everything to strangers who resented each other.
I thought this book was great because it talked about how ruthie dealt with her issues only to realize that her sister wasn't dealing with them at all.  Ruthie had also gotten an abortion when she was 18, and when her sister wrote a tell all book about her horrible time in a rehab facility she had included the knowledge of the abortion.  This piece of information ruthie had not disclosed to her long term pro life boyfriend.
The story ends with the couple getting past it and getting married, and Ruthie discovering that even though her sister and her relationship wasn't the same it was still a relationship.  One that she was thankful to have.  She gets the courage to go back to her childhood home as an adult to discover a box of pictures her mother had left behind.  When she goes to contemplate over the box at an old park she gets a phone call from Julia.  Julia was on the Flight that had to land in the Hudson river, and almost died.  I do think that the book just ended, but I also did not feel like I was left wanting more.  She dealt with her harsh feelings towards her sister, and was accepting that maybe it was time to have children of her own.  Pretty decent read.

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